Social Media Technology

We all are well known to social media. It has brought great change in our daily life. With social media technology our lives become much easier we can communicate easily with our friends and relatives in a matter of seconds. Social media not only gives you information but it also interacts with you while giving you information. This interaction can be simple like giving comments or vote for an article.? Social media provides two way communications. It is very essential to know both advantages and disadvantages of social media.

?Advantages of social media

Social networking site are very popular among working professions and students. We can express our feelings or thoughts by way of messages, comments or by updating status on such sites.

Social Media Technology

We only need a technology device with internet connectivity and we can access social media sites across the globe. One can easily communicate with his near and dear ones from any place. Like for instance, student can clear his doubts with the help of friend or a teacher. It is also form of online entertainment; we can also play games on such sites. Additionally these sites found as best form of digital marketing where one can promote his business. Someone can promote their business by simply creating their page of product or service on social media sites. Many marketing firms use social media platform for advertising purpose

Disadvantages of social media

No doubt these sites are very useful but if used wisely. No one should reveal their personal information, pictures to strangers. Private information can easily be misused. Young generation and kids become addicted to it. It brings negative impact to their school and college life. Keep enjoying and make new friends and share your thoughts via these social networking sites but remember never become addicted to it.