Importance of technology in today’s world

We cannot deny the fact that many technological developments and innovations played a major role in our lives. The kind of life we are currently enjoying because of technology developments. Technology improved our lives and the present things are now better faster, easier, and more convenient.

Technology made revolutionary changes to our lives. As human population grew, we are very much aware that which kind of plants to grow in various climates and conditions, this is possible because of technology enhancements. We all have now access to information how we can improve agriculture, boost food production, increase food supply, results in making overall life better for everyone.

Many changes and industrialization has brought up by technology development. The social changes brought by technology was introduced in 14th to 16th century, when mankind struggling to improve our circumstances, and introduced printed press which was acknowledged as one of the important technological development on that time.

Importance of technology in today’s world

It is very difficult to compare any technology in respect of more effect and impact than the other, although we can certainly appreciate medical breakthroughs that technology has brought up in our lives like vaccinations, transplants and new antibiotics. Times have revolutionized and the world has become faster.

Invention of telephone is yet another important milestone in technology development. Before invention of telephone it takes days or months to pass information from one place to another. Postal service was only source of communication, with technology advancement everything is just a click away. Now we can contact easily anyone from anywhere, sharing thoughts and information at a much faster speed than ever before.

Birth of internet is the most important technological innovation, but it has to be perfective so that we can now envision a world without any geographical hurdles or otherwise. We are now moving in more progressive world of technology.