Impact of technology

Our forefathers never got the opportunity to study in interactive class rooms. They never had an access to internet. But in recent time’s computer and internet have given altogether different shape to our lives. From smart phones to addictive social networking sites, technology is everywhere
Behind this huge technological growth that we have seen so far, there are various extensive programs of technological researches are taking place. Many types of researches are going on within universities, business and research organizations. Technology development plays significant role in business environment. Technology gives scientific solution to practical problems. click here for more details.

Two major impact of technology

  • Impact on society
  • Impact on business operations and activities.

Technology affects society; we can feel its effect on everyday life. Technology has considerable effect on economic growth hence it affects our standard of living and our culture. Some of the effects of technology are beneficial where as some are adverse. We should be careful as these effects society as well as business practices.

We are surrounded by technology in our everyday life that we don’t even realize how we manage without electricity, water, transport and telephone; we take these things for granted. Technology developments have moved up our standard of living. Even though we are facing inflationary pressure and high degree of unemployment, we are eating better, wearing better variety of clothes, and living in more comfortable homes.

Impact of technology

Technology has influence on many other things like our religion, education and culture. It affects enforcement of health care, language art, and laws in our lives.? For instance due to technology advancement in health care industry, physician may treat their patient in virtual environment like through video conferencing,? that may also help in legal cases, judges can proceed their investigation on hard core criminals without calling them in person before court for security reasons.

The discovery of new technology can sometimes affects economic growth like TV has high entertainment value, downgrades valuable time of human beings. Every new technology has major long term impact which cannot always be predictable. Sometimes new technology involved in creating destruction. We cannot justify nations spending huge money for making missiles, bombs and deadly weapons for motive of security.

Developing countries have to buy technology from other countries, because they are not self sufficient on terms of capital required for research and development, patents, equipments and so on. This transfer of technology costs very high to developing nations, as a result it create dependence an weakness

Despite technological developments have made our lives exceptionally simpler, easier, comfortable and convenient, it also has brought up various adverse health impacts, psychological problems and stress in daily life. Apart from benefits, technology has created several problems due to misuse of technology. So it is totally depends on us how we use technology for well being of society. Like we use slogans conserve, reduce and recycle. The focus today is on clean production measures, material recycling, and zero-waste vehicles. This love of Technologist towards the environment is surely a sign of positive development.